3 Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Save Your Money

3 Simple Car Maintenance Tips That Will Save Your Money

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Buying a car, and enjoying its luxury and comfort, is completely different than loving the car and take care of it. A car demands as much care as we do take care of ourselves just to remain fit and healthy. You might be regular in taking back and visiting a doctor when not feeling well.

Start treating your car the same. Create a checklist for basic maintenance, stick to it, and visit your nearest mechanic if you observe an unfamiliar noise or action in the car. One needs to be smart enough in acquiring knowledge as how to maintain a car if they buying it for the first time. There are various tutorials on the internet or they can simply ask the technicians.

Ignorance of the basic maintenance procedures may often lead you paying most of your earnings in hefty repairs. It is better to spend less on the maintenance rather than draining a lot of money in repairs or early replacement of spare parts.

Following in this post, we are sharing some of the valuable maintenance tips that can help you save thousands of your hard earned cash in emergency repairs. Read them and get on a savings plan.

Rotate or Replace Car Tires

Replacing car tires is an expensive deal. Whether you opt for the non-branded tires or the branded ones like Pirelli tyres, replacing the old ones with new will cost you at least $600 to $1000. And, surely, you will never allot such a huge budget to tire maintenance alone.

If the tires are not in a condition that can last longer than it is recommended to change them as soon as possible, regardless of your budget because nothing can compromise the safety of you and your fellow passengers.

But, if you experience slight tread wear between the front and rear tires, you can decide on rotating them. This will minimize the uneven wear and tear of the tires. The useful life of quality tires is usually 5-6 years.

In order to make full use of these rubber products, you can rotate them twice a year. This will cover the irregular depreciation, hence increases the life of your car tires. As an end result, you save a lot in using the tires for long rather than repairing or replacing them in the mid of their average life.

Keep a check on your motor oil

Oil runs in the engine of your car just like the blood in your veins. It keeps your car alive. The day the oil level decreases from the minimal point, extreme deterioration will result in your car. So, it has to be checked regularly.

Most of the cars demand to change the oil after 3 months or completing mileage of 3000 miles. This benchmark is used in general, whereas your car may have specific needs. For that reason, you can consult the user manual provided by the car manufacturer.

A common man has no idea the number of oil quarts they have to pour or retain in their car. They don’t even check the oil levels in routine. Their ignorance to basic car maintenance often results in an extremely low oil level that destroys the engine. And, the bill for mending the engine is beyond perceptions.

Inspect the Transmission Fluid

Transmission plays a major part in moving the car and shifting into reverse gear. If it breaks down, we will be unable to move the car. The only solution left will be to go out, tow the car, and take it to your mechanic.

It is the transmission fluid that works in the backend to ensure the transmission works perfectly well. So, you need to thoroughly inspect it and take preventive measures. Examine the fluid level and make sure they are clean enough to keep the mechanism smooth and flawless.

The clean transmission fluid possesses a dark red color. With the passage of time, the color becomes darker and reach at the level that it gives a blackish color.

If you found the color to be like a burnt one, it is the time to remove them and pour fresh oil in the transmission and gears. Another alarming sign for replacing the fluid is when you find metal shavings that denote wear and tear in the transmission.

Taking your car for a timely fluid flush service is like a stitch mends at the right moment. If you fail to do so, the gears box may break down and you will have to buy a transmission replacement that itself costs around $2,500-$5,500 depending on the make and model of your vehicle.


You might have heard a zillion times that prevention, in every field, is better than cure. Taking care of a car and carrying the basic maintenance checks in routine tantamount to preventing a lot of major repairs.

One of the major money-saving secrets is to carefully handle your valuable assets and it will never demand an excessive amount of money in repairs. You can follow the tips we have discussed in detail above to keep the money in your pocket rather than spending it in workshops.

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