A Guide to Smart Used Car Purchasing

A Guide to Smart Used Car Purchasing

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Buying a second hand car is fraught with risk, and we have all heard about the horror stories of some poor unsuspecting motorist paying thousands of dollars for a disguised wreck, which is always a possibility when you buy from a private individual or an unscrupulous small time salesman. So, how does one avoid such pitfalls? The answer is simple, find a dealer that sells certified used vehicles, and you will have peace of mind.

  • 100 Point Inspection Plan – A reputable used car dealership would put every vehicle through a thorough 100 point vehicle inspection process, and after repairs and replacements, the car would be given the seal of approval and moved out onto the forecourt for sale. If, for example, you are looking at used cars for sale in Canberra, there is an excellent dealer that has a range of top quality used vehicles, all at affordable prices.
  • Extended Warranty – Aside from the comprehensive warranty on all cars, it is possible to extend this to cover any major repairs, giving you an added form of protection. Only the very best of garages would offer such a service, and they would typically be a sole dealership for a major manufacturer, such as Toyota.
  • Competitive Financing – There would ideally be a selection of car finance packages to suit a range of needs, and they would likely take your existing vehicle as part payment for any vehicle you decide to buy.
  • Extensive Range of Vehicles – An established used car dealership would have a range of vehicles that would include hatchbacks, sedans, 4-wheel drives and coupes, and with all the cars warrantied and certified, you really can’t go wrong. This type of dealer would have at least 200 cars up for sale, and if you had a special request, they have far reaching connections in the automobile industry and can source almost anything.
  • Comprehensive Servicing Facilities – Ideally, you want the people who sell you the car to maintain it, as this ensures smooth running, and the garage would have a working relationship with the vehicle, having prepared it for resale.
  • Online Solutions – The Internet offers the perfect platform for searching out the perfect car, and once you have found something, pop down to the branch and test drive the car, before talking business. Even if you are an Inter-State buyer, the vehicle can be delivered to the nearest dealer for your convenience, leaving you free of the stress that can come with buying a used car.
  • Other Facilities – Reasonably priced vehicle insurance would likely be on offer, allowing you to drive the car away fully insured. You can expect the best of service from an established dealer, and with the focus on customer satisfaction, service would be of the highest calibre.

Finding a reliable used car dealer isn’t as difficult as you might think, and by using the Internet, you will soon have the details of an established dealer who has an extensive range of makes and models, all in tip-top condition.

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