How to Change a Car Tire in Proper Way?

How to Change a Car Tire in Proper Way?

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When I used to travel on public transport, I have never thought about changing the car tire. But, as soon as I owned a car, I found that I must know a little bit about every aspect of driving, owning, and maintaining a car.

For the reason, I have tried various blogs and websites to learn about carrying minor repairs and regular inspections for maintenance along with safety precautions. It created an urge to know more than a common man knows that’s why I have asked technicians and workshop staff about various concepts. Even I have visited the authorized dealerships of tires in Dubai nearest to my home to know deep insights about repairing, replacing, or managing these rubber products.

But, the real method of learning about anything is doing it yourself. Though I had collected a lot of knowledge about changing a car tire in a proper way, I have excelled the skill as soon as I faced it myself. To help you replace a car tire in the most proper way, I have composed this simple and step by step guide so that you can safely change a tire rather than suffer on the road right in between your journey.

Step 1: Stop at a safe location

If anything goes wrong with your car tires, you need to find a safest and nearest place so that you can pull over and inspect the issue. Avoid stopping suddenly at the highways. Have peace, put on the hazard lights, gradually slow down the car, and stop at ease.  Turn to the parking gear and place the reflective triangles to let the drivers know you have parked the car.

Step 2: Remove the wheel cover

If your car tires are covered with hubcaps, remove them with the help of a lug wrench. You must have a toolkit in your car. Remove the cover and find the nuts to loosen them.

Step 3: Open the lug nuts

Set aside the hubcaps to keep them safe and grab the lug wrench to open the lug nuts. A simple formula for loosing up the nuts is turning them anti-clockwise to an extent that you can open and remove them by hand.

Step 4: Set the jack to lift the car

You can place the lift beneath your car near the tire. Be sure that you lift the car by its Meta expansion rather than the plastic frame. If you are unclear as to where to place the jack, you can refer to the owner’s manually provided by the vehicle manufacturer.

Step 5: Crank the jack up

Raise the car by expanding the jack beneath it. You may require effort in cranking the jack so that it lifts the car up by 4-6 inches, at least.

Step 6: Pull out the tire

You might have removed the nuts while losing them in previous steps. It is the time to pull out the flat tire safely. Hold the tire from the tread and remove it with a moderate pull. Don’t erect the tire as it will roll away. Let it rest on the ground.

Step 7: Mount the fresh tire

Grab the fresh or spare piece of the wheel to mount it on the car. Try to line up the spokes of the tire with the holes and push the tire. Push it in a way that the tire reaches the end of the bolts.

Step 8: Set the lug nuts

After successfully mounting the tire, put the lug nuts on the tire. Try to tighten the nuts by hands because the use of wrench is not recommended when the car is lifted above the ground.

Step 9: Drop down the car

Squeeze the jack to drop down the car. Once the car is grounded, use the lug wrench to tighten the nuts. Try to follow the star pattern in tightening the nuts to make sure the force is evenly distributed among the nuts. Lift the jack and preserve it in your toolbox.

Step 10: Mount the hubcap

You can now put back the hubcap you have removed earlier for replacing the car tire. It helps you keep the tires clean and free from dust. That’s it; you are done with changing a car tire in a proper way.


Doing these petty installation or tire mounting by yourself is quite easy and simple. The only thing you need is the courage and a can-do approach; else everything is discussed in this tutorial with detail. Read every step and you will be able to change a car tire whenever it is needed. No need to ask the workshops for roadside assistance.

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