Servicing Your Car – Consider These Things For Best Rewards

Servicing Your Car – Consider These Things For Best Rewards

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With car repair, parts or servicing, the more you know the best. Especially with car servicing, there is a need to have proper knowledge regarding the needs for servicing and you must know if it is repaired properly. Thus, it means knowledge about these is essential so that you get the right servicing and are able to save on expenses.

A few things to bear in mind before you reach the service center with your car

  • Prepare a list: This is really important. You must prepare a list and also remember the components that require repairing and replacing. It is helpful when you need to explain your car issues to the mechanic.
  • Mechanic details: Ask the mechanic for their name and make a note of it. This helps as you know the person to contact, in case there is a problem.
  • Clear your personal items: Remove from the car all the belongings. Check the boot space and glove box to see for personal items and clear before leaving the car for servicing.
  • Check oil filter: The filter must be clean as new and if replaced, you must ask for the old oil filter and take it.

  • Check engine oil: For this check the oil color by dipping the dipstick into it. The oil should be in deep ember color and not black color.
  • Check air filter: Be careful before checking air filter box. In case you have the car serviced after a long time, say a year, it means the air filter must be replaced. Remember, it should not appear dusty and grey. Get the air filter cleaned of the deep dust inside. This is because this is the one that hinders the airflow.
  • Compare the list: Store the list that you made as the first step and remember that you must check the details after car servicing. Compare the list of the car details with the present condition. This will offer a fair idea about the replacements and repairs carried out in the service station.
  • Test drive: Consider a test drive of your car from the service station, before collecting it finally. Going on a test drive is important to get the car feel that is better and much different from the way it came before service. Any good service station allows a test drive.

Keeping these points in mind before giving a car for servicing and checking after servicing has its rewards.

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