Things to Do When Your Credit Card Information Is Stolen

Things to Do When Your Credit Card Information Is Stolen

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Today, almost everyone owns a credit card or two. This is because they not only are handy when you don’t have enough cash with you, but they are also a good tool to use in improving your credit score.

The process of getting them is pretty simple. You just go to a bank of your choice, submit all the documents and the credit card information they need from you, wait for your application to be approved, and Voila! You get the credit card of your dreams!

Sadly, these dreams can crash down if your card or your information gets stolen. But you shouldn’t panic because there are some things that you can do to fight back. We listed some of them below.

Inspect Your Credit Card Statements

If you believe your credit card information has been stolen, then the very first thing you must do is check your credit card statements. You should inspect every item listed down and see whether you did purchase them in the first place.

For better measures, don’t hesitate to call your bank because if your information has been stolen only recently, then chances are fraudulent activities won’t reflect in the last billing statement you received. Once you managed to get a hold of your bank’s representative, be sure to discuss all the transactions made on your card.

Report Your Stolen Credit Card Information

When you’re already talking with your bank, take the opportunity to report that your credit card or its information has been stolen. The sooner you do this, the fewer chances for you to be billed for any fraudulent activity or transaction someone else made with your card’s information (sadly, you could end up paying for items you did not purchase if you don’t report your card missing or your information stolen).

Stop Using Your Credit Card

This next step could be challenging, especially if this is your only credit card. However, this action is best particularly since your bank will be investigating all of your card’s transactions—both in the past and in the future.

In fact, we highly suggest for you to ask your bank to temporarily freeze your credit card. By doing so, you can totally avoid any fraudulent transaction. You can remove this once everything has been settled.

Change Your Passwords

Credit card information thieves are very tricky people. You never really know whether they just took those private details. This is why you should also take the time to reset and change all your passwords—and by all, we mean ALL your passwords including your debit cards, other credit cards, emails, social media, and other accounts you can think of.

Remain Vigilant

Once you followed every tip listed above, you should not let your guard down because these thieves can strike any time. By this, we mean for you to be on the lookout for any questionable activities on your banking accounts as well as other accounts (e.g. social media, emails, etc.). If you believe that you are experiencing them, then don’t hesitate to report them immediately.


If you think you have become a victim of credit card information thieves, then be sure not to panic and do the things we listed above to fight back. Keep in mind that the authorities and your bank are on your side and will work with you to resolve this issue. Moving forward, you can consider more secure ways for you to do your transactions, such as using a credit card two factor authentication so you can avoid running into this problem again.

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